Machinery & Equipment Consulting

We leverage our technical expertise, creative solutions, deep sales knowledge, and strategic thinking to provide valuable assistance to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in shaping their future within this dynamic, digitally-driven era. Through our collaborative partnership approach, we work closely with OEMs to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by this highly volatile landscape, enabling them to thrive and succeed.

  • Enhancing and strengthening the dealer network in alignment with the manufacturer’s value chain strategy. By doing so, we aim to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire distribution and support process, ultimately delivering greater value to OEM’s.

  • Setting strategic pricing for heavy equipment involves considering several factors specific to the industry and market dynamics, such as market research, lifecycle costs, customer segmentation, competitive analysis (SWOT), and value-based pricing.

  • Improving sales performance with a strategic win-win approach that focuses on various aspects of the sales process

  • Developing a rental business for construction equipment manufacturers by evaluating the performance of the current rental business, monitoring competition, and adapting strategies based on market dynamics and customer feedback. This requires a customer-centric approach and the execution of a well-developed strategic plan.